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Watch how God is moving in Manaus, in the state of Amazonas, and how children in a poor area of town are learning about God through an Explorers Club.

Use "Select Global Project" to choose "Brazil" from the dropdown menu.

Please prayerfully consider giving towards reaching more children in Brazil. Kids need to be evangelized AND discipled. Your gift will help to provide the materials and training that make that possible. Please give now.

Watch the video of one of our partnered projects in the interior
of the state of Maranhão.
There, the children of a community which lives off of the city garbage dump,
have found new hope in Jesus!

Use "Select Global Project" to choose "Brazil" from the dropdown menu.

Please prayerfully consider giving towards reaching more children in Brazil. Kids need to be evangelized AND discipled. Your gift will help to provide the materials and training that make that possible. Please give now.

The Kids From the above video continue to study the bible!


In August 2020 a new in-person Explorers Club (Clube Investigadores), began in Teso Duro, in the outskirts of Caxias, Maranhão, next to the city garbage dump. On the first day of teaching, right after the lesson, the teacher asked who would like to accept Jesus as their Savior. To everyone's surprise, 24 children raised their hands!

The Caxias Explorers Club continued to meet on a weekly basis until they finished the first workbook. That means those children were not only evangelized, they were also discipled in the Word. And soon they will begin the second workbook, so they will be further encouraged and taught as they continue on their path to spiritual growth and maturity.


And that’s not all: The moms asked if they too could have an Explorers Club Bible study. Of course we said, “by all means!” Children take home what they learn and many times their parents, siblings and neighbors are exposed to the Gospel by these little—but highly effective—missionaries.

2019 trip to four locations


Our latest newsletter is ready to be downloaded. In it we share the following about our April Ministry Trip to Brazil:

• Explorers Clubs celebrate in Rio de Janeiro;

• Maranhão and Manaus groups are trained;

• Leaders and teachers are excited and children are being reached with the Word of God through evangelism and discipleship.

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Click here (or on image at right) to see and download the letter about our trip to Brazil for April 17 through May 1.




And thank you for your prayers and support! – John and Monica Hatton


New Donation Page

The Mailbox Club has recently upgraded the "Giving" or Donation page, making online donation to the Brazil Ministry quicker and safer – and all on one page. Please click here and:

1. Enter amount;

2. Skip "Where needed most"

3. Choose "Brazil" from "Select Global Project" (see image at right);

4. Fill out requested information.

Thank you and God bless you!

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july 2018: tHIRD Trip to BraZil

Please download the letter (PDF) at the right, which is a report covering the latest trip to Brazil. Much is happening, churches and organizations are excited, and we are seeing the Brazilian creativity in action as Explorers Clubs (Clube Investigadores) are meeting, teaching, and reaching children with evangelism and discipleship! 

One thing has become clear: Brazilian Christian children's ministry leaders like our material. And some have waiting for years to get their hands on these 96-page workbooks. For some, their wait is over. But there are many, many more who would like to reach and strengthen their children with "Investigadores." Please pray and partner with us in order to make that a reality.

Missionary Gabriel, in the foreground, is also an RA counselor.

PRIOR TO JULY trip to BraZil

Posted in Early July, 2018

The Royal Ambassadors (RA's) in Brazil work with missionaries in the Amazon region who are anxiously awaiting The Explorers Club booklets. They will use them for evangelizing and discipling children who live on the river banks.
Update: the booklets have arrived in Brazil and will be sent to them in the coming weeks!

Thank you so much for getting involved!

How you ARE helpING to

reach* children in Brazil

We needed to raise $5,000 by the end of this year and were just under $1,000. BUT... friends stepped in and met the challenge! Thank you to those who contributed towards this goal. During our second trip to Brazil (December 5-12), we were happy to find out just how much our Explorers Club (Clube Investigadores) workbook is appreciated and beginning to be used by enthusiastic teachers and their ministries. Please read our "report-letter," on the left and see some pictures taken in Brazil by clicking here.

The challenges ahead are bigger than ever. For instance, the CEF (APEC) ministry decided to up their request from 50,000 to 110,000 workbooks for 2018, after their leaders participated in our training. We still are not sure if we will be able to manage that, but it is possible if the funds come in.


You can really help us by going to Donate to Brazil and giving a one-time or ongoing gift.


Or, you can sign up with The Mailbox Club's My Change for Children program. This allows you to round up your credit card purchase and have the change sent to The Mailbox Club

Note: Please drop us a note and let us know you signed up with My Change for Children so we can inform headquarters to designate your gifts towards the Brazil ministry.

Our contact information:

Monica Hatton: • 407-509-0248

Monica Hatton e John Hatton traveled to Brazil in August of 2017. They went to Caruarú (a city in the Northeast), São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, where they met with several organizations. This first trip to Brazil with the TMC can be described as a tremendous blessings!


Click on the image of the letter (on the right) to download the PDF of our first trip to Brazil.

(*) Reach = evangelize and disciple. Get acquainted with our ministry at

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